Partnering with Sunshine Coast businesses for all their staff needs

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Suncoast HR works with businesses to improve performance and profitability by aligning the activity of their people with the strategy

Partnering with Sunshine Coast businesses for all their staff needs.

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Outsourced HR – no HR department, no worries. Our services are tailored to your business need and will help you to maintain compliance, reduce risk, engage your staff and make the employment process easy. Whether you are after peace of mind, or looking to take your business to the next level we have a package for you
Recruitment – Suncoast Recruitment is the solution – helping you to find, select and hire the best possible candidates to fit your business.
Places Adverts - Job Role Descriptions - Candidate Administration - CV Screening and Shortlisting - Interview Plan  - Reference Checking - Psychometric Profiling 
HR Compliance – helping you understand and streamline HR processes and systems to be Fair Work compliant. An audit is a great place to start.

Performance and Workplace Improvement – performance improvement, leadership development, communication in the workplace, customised workshops, coaching, retention, and business growth
Health and Safety – System and Policy Development - Risk and Hazard assessments - Return To Work Plans - Audits and Pre-Audit Inspections - Incident and Event Investigations.


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Partnering with Sunshine Coast Businesses for all their human resourcing needs

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  1. 10 tips to build staff engagement
    17 May, 2018
    10 tips to build staff engagement
    10 tips to build staff engagement Staff engagement is not a perk – it’s a must! Engaged staff are motivated, they are more productive. They want to work with you – to achieve great outcomes and to be part of your success. Building an engaged workforce takes time, effort and planning. It’s an investment in the future and the growth of your business. Boost your engagement with these techniques: Understand your company values and embed these into your business processes. Ensure new and
  2. 11 tips for great leadership
    17 May, 2018
    11 tips for great leadership
    11 Tips for Great Leadership Leadership focuses on both a person’s position within an organisation as well as their natural attributes – leaders by character as well as by responsibility. In a “leadership” or management position, the individual has core responsibilities determined by the organisation and its market. For this reason any leadership tips will be specific to the circumstances. There is no “one size fits all” approach to leading an organisation. What will work for one
  3. Workplace Feedback
    16 May, 2018
    Workplace Feedback
    WORKPLACE FEEDBACK Feedback is the provision of information that will help consolidate or improve actions or feedback, based on another party’s experiences or observations. It compares the expectations of the role and individual to the outcomes that have been delivered. Feedback was traditionally part of a performance review – a process between a manager and a subordinate. The value of holistic feedback has meant a 360-degree approach is now recognised as being of greater value – seeking
  4. Turnover Costs – Take a Closer Look
    01 Mar, 2018
    Turnover Costs – Take a Closer Look
    Employees are companies most important asset.  Replacing them can get expensive…fast! Without truly examining turnover, it is easy to overlook intangible costs to turnover.  It is much more than just hiring costs.  Turnover costs include the following:  the cost of hiring (up to 20-40 hours for recruitment activities) market rate changes in pay onboarding training ramp time to peak productivity the loss of engagement from other staff members fatigued from extra workload loss of business
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  1. "I am so great full for all the support this lady that given me she is working with me to put some employment practices in place and put contracts in place saving me a lot of stress."
    Amanda Oxley - Amanda Hair Design Brightwater
  2. "I’d like to thank Mandy Ward for her facilitation of the workshop. It was interactive, interesting and well-executed."
    Ken Wood, General Manager – Sunshine Coast Daily
  3. "Mandy is experienced, easy to talk with, a great listener and is compassionate.The best part was that I could completely trust Suncoast HR to represent our company professionally."
    Barry Weymouth General Manager - Sunquest Industries
  4. "Mandy's approach to teaching was fantastic, knowing when to let conversation flow to learn from other people in the workshop but also firm in keeping to schedule and making sure that all her key points were covered."
    Lachlan Money Insurance and Financial Advisor at Stream Financial
  5. "Kate was an amazing resource. She is one of the few HR people I have worked with that is both an HR expert, but commercial and practical enough to make it relevant for our business."
    Heimo Hofmeister - R.M. Williams.